The new NOBEL range, up to 90 kW: direct-driven rotary screw compressors

Presented as a preview at Hannover Messe 2019, the NOBEL has been completed with new models from 45 up to 90 kW, that replace the pre-existing Edison DV and Newton models for this power range, which remain, however, for the 110 to 250 kW models.

The new NOBEL are characterised by their extremely low energy consumption thanks to the use of IE3 Premium Efficiency motors, by their efficiency, silent operation, easy installation, use and maintenance.

For models up to 15 kW transmission is direct with hollow shaft to maximise performance and reduce overall dimensions, while transmission is direct for powers 18.5 to 90 kW, with or without gears.
There are many versions available, all equipped with the innovative "DNAir2" controller, to fulfil every operating requirement: fixed or variable speed, floor mounted, with dryer, with air receiver, etc.


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